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The Children Ministry at Vancouver Avenue Church wants every child to hear God’s word, come to know him, develop a love and personal relationship with him, and learn to serve him. Our ministry will provide the best programs and events to glorify God and provide an environment that guides children to a lasting relationship and place with God.
We seek to minister to the whole child. Each child needs to be fed physically, mentally, socially, emotional and spiritually. Knowing that each child is unique and special, and that God has gifted them to learn differently, our entire programs will provide numerous opportunities for them to learn and share using their intelligences. We will provide age appropriate bible studies and activities for children at their biblical learning level. We want children living scripture not just learn scripture.

For more information, contact our Leaders:
Minister Timothy Sutton – timothysutton@VAFBCpdx.org
Minister Twauna Allen – twaunaallen@VAVFBCpdx.com]]>