“The primary mission of the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church is to profoundly experience, joyfully celebrate, and meaningfully share God’s Grace. We do this through a Christ-Centered worship experience, biblical instruction, prayer, nurturing fellowship, and caring acts that are reflective of our love for God and one another. We, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, proclaim Jesus Christ and His Gospel to all people by supporting the works of our missions in our Church, our community, our country and the world at large.”

At Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church we hold to our Mission that “We grow effective, mature Kingdom Citizens”. We accomplish this through these phases: To become effective we first need to grow in Christ; we must become effective to mature. The way we become mature is in finding our ministry; looking to God as our fulfillment; and satisfaction in our spiritual lives. The first and foremost goal is to become a citizen of God’s Kingdom. That starts with the Act of Salvation by faith as an act of grace through Jesus Christ. We continue with Baptism as our first act of obedience on our Heavenly journey; together with church membership. Thus, we complete our Mission to develop  “Mature Kingdom Citizens.”